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Model 15 Ton
Mass 3 450 kg
Max. permissible speed 35 km/h
kW requirement 72-103 kW
Brakes Hydr. mech.
Tyre size 385/65R-22.5
Tyre pressure 800 kPa
Overall height 2 500 mm
Body length 7 400 mm/6 250 mm
Body width 2 500 mm
Body depth 1 200 mm
Tow hitch rear Yes
Rear lights Yes


  • 15-ton trailer works extremely well with high grain yield where combination harvesters discharge frequently.
  • Dropsides and extended dropsides can be easily removed for the transportation of bags of fertiliser, feed bales, implements, etc.
  • Trailer can tip sideways making delivery of bulk grain and agricultural products at silos and packing stores easier.
  • Trailer has special wide tyres for riding in loose, sandy or wet, irrigated fields.
  • With wide tyres the trailer can ride inside fields so that combination harvesters can discharge directly into the trailer.
  • Trailer is equipped with hydraulically controlled mechanical brakes operated from the tractor.
  • On account of the hydraulic brakes, two trailers can be hooked together – a total mass of 30 tons. A 100-kW tractor can control both of these trailers.
  • Trailer is ideal to offload products such as agricultural lime and kraal manure in the field.
  • Standard size tail lights, safety bumper and white colour results in a higher safety factor.
  • Standard ball bearing turntable improves roadholding ability.

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